The hamstring muscle is a group of large, powerful muscles that span the back of the thigh, from the lower pelvis to the back of the shin bone. A hamstring strain is a tear of the hamstring muscle fibres. In less severe hamstring strains, the tearing is microscopic. The muscle fibres are essentially stretched too far, and some bleeding occurs within the muscle. In very severe hamstring strains, the hamstring muscle can completely rupture, and may require surgery to repair the torn ends of the muscle. The following helps identify the severity of the strain:

  • Grade I Strain: Mild discomfort, often no disability. Usually does not limit activity.
  • Grade II Strain: Moderate discomfort, can limit ability to perform activities such as running and jumping. May have moderate swelling and bruising associated.
  • Grade III Strain: Severe injury that can cause pain with walking. Often people complain of muscle spasm, swelling, and significant bruising.

KT tape application is an appropriate use for Grade I and II hamstring strains. Seek professional medical evaluation for grade III strains and use KT Tape as part of a larger treatment plan.

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