The calf muscles span the distance from the knee to the ankle. The calf muscle is made of three major muscles, the two gastrocnemius muscles and the soleus muscle. A calf strain is an injury to the gastrocnemius muscle. Most commonly, calf strains are minor tears of some muscle fibres.
Calf strains are usually graded as follows:

  • Grade I Calf Strain: Mild discomfort, often minimal disability. Usually minimal or no limits to activity.
  • Grade II Calf Strain: Moderate discomfort with walking, and limited ability to perform activities, such as running and jumping; may have swelling and bruising associated.
  • Grade III Calf Strain: Severe injury that can cause inability to walk. Often patients complain of muscle spasm, swelling and significant bruising.

KT Tape is an appropriate treatment for Grade I and II calf strains. Grade III strains should be evaluated by professional medical personnel. KT Tape can be part of the overall treatment plan including rest, massage, and icing.

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