When a muscle or joint is overused or injured, that area becomes inflamed or swollen. This swelling is composed of blood (internal bleeding from the injury) and other fluids. The excess fluid should be removed by the lymphatic vessels in the area, but if the inflammation is great enough, the lymphatic vessels get compressed and can’t do their job. This can lead to an ongoing cycle of inflammation and pain, which limits performance and slows the healing process.

When KT Tape is applied to the skin over an inflamed area, the stretch in the tape gently lifts the skin, creating a space between the skin and the inflamed tissue. This reduces the pressure on both blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, increasing circulation of both fluids. Improved blood flow enhances delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the injured tissues, accelerating the healing process. Improved lymphatic flow reduces swelling which decreases the activation of the pain receptors providing immediate pain relief.


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