Pain in the heel or arch of the foot is commonly referred to as plantar fasciitis. It is an inflamed, fibrous band of tissue (fascia) connecting your heel bone to the base of your toes. Plantar fasciitis is caused by straining the ligament that supports your arch. Repeated strain can cause tiny tears in the ligament. These can lead to pain and swelling. Plantar fasciitis is particularly common in runners, people who are overweight and women who are pregnant. Those who wear shoes with inadequate support are also at a higher risk of developing plantar fasciitis. This is more likely to happen if: Your feet roll inward too much when you walk. You have high arches or flat feet. You walk, stand, or run for long periods of time, especially on hard surfaces. You are overweight. You wear shoes that don’t fit well or are worn out. You have tight Achilles tendons or calf muscles. KT tape has shown tremendous results in alleviating pain from plantar fasciitis. The taping technique does this by providing support to the fascia, which relaxes it and reduces inflammation. KT tape also provides a natural support to the arch that immediately reduces pain.

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